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Board of Directors

FLOW is always growing and looking for fellow members of the community to serve on our Board and committees.  The FLOW Board is made up of a diverse group of enthusiastic volunteers that work together to support the Nesmith Library in a variety of ways.  We meet once per month (September through May) to plan events such as the Strawberry Festival, book fairs, and family events like the Build a Buddy Workshop.  We collaborate and discuss ways to increase community awareness about all that the Nesmith Library has to offer and how we can best serve to support a wide range of needs.  We hope that you will consider a position on our Board.   

Current Vacancies

Children's Activities Committee Chairperson
Publicity Committee Chairperson
Strawberry Festival Committee Chair
(See descriptions below)




Oversees the Executive Committee (officers) and the Committee Chairpersons, ensures the goals and purposes of the organization are followed in accordance with the bylaws, facilitates meetings.  


Fills in for the President when he/she is unavailable and shares in leadership responsibilities with the President.  


Takes meeting minutes, maintains pertinent files, and conducts and maintains necessary correspondence for the organization. 


Manages the organization's funds, budgets, files all required tax documents, maintains financial records, and prepares checks for signing.  




Membership Committee Chairperson

Recruits and maintains memberships.

Academic Grants Committee Chairperson

Oversees the academic grant program, solicits applications, reviews and scores completed applications and essays. 

Book Fair Committee Chairperson

Gathers and sorts donated books in preparation for the book fairs, makes sure the donated books are of good quality, and organizes the books by genre, reading level etc.

Publicity Committee Chairperson

Creates press releases for distribution to both social media and print media.


Children's Activities Committee Chairperson

Organizes and coordinates youth/family activites such as the Winter Crafts Workshop and the Build a Buddy Workshop.  


Webmaster Committee Chairperson

Updates the FLOW website regularly with up to date information about events and pertinent information.  The Webmaster reports any necessary page statistics at monthly meetings. 

Marketing Committee Chairperson

Helps to create awareness of the organization's good work by creating marketing campaigns, promoting events, and creating advertising materials.

Strawberry Festival Committee Chair

Oversees the Strawberry Festival Committee, facilitates meetings, aids the logistics chairperson, and attends monthly FLOW Board of Directors meetings. 


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