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Michelle Tieman

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I have been a proud member of the FLOW family since 2018 following a relocation to Windham from Utah.  I am married with two school-aged children: Abby and JP.  I am a Spanish teacher and an award-winning professional balloon artist.  Many of the local children and their families know me as, ¨the balloon lady.¨  I joined FLOW to meet new people and to satisfy my desire to volunteer.  Being a member of the FLOW family has been a very rewarding experience and I am grateful to be a part of such a diverse team of individuals working together toward a common goal: to support the Nesmith library.


I have lived in Windham for about 5 years now with my wife and daughter. I try to help out where I can and always look forward to our annual Strawberry Festival. During the day, I work from home as a software engineer and play volleyball in the evenings. In case anyone asks, in my photo I'm holding an iguana named Elvis. 

Vice President


Don Polikoff


Anne Hardt


Ten years ago, I moved to Windham from Haverhill, MA where I raised three boys and have a grandson. As an avid reader and educator, one of the first things I did was get a Nesmith library card. After reading a F.L.O.W. brochure, I knew I wanted to volunteer to contribute to the community.  However, since I was a teacher and union president, I had little time available until I retired in 2018 after teaching for 31 years.  A Windy Indy article advertised for a secretary and that’s when I enthusiastically joined F.L.O.W. I am blessed and fortunate to be a part of the Nesmith family and to be able to contribute to the Town of Windham community.

Immediate Past President

Skot Paré


Skot has lived in Windham for a little over 10 years. His board member of the Windham Lyons in an alternate for the HDC board. He spent 20 years working in radio and another 10 in nonprofit fundraising. He is an avid reader is thrilled to help other people share in his passion.

Children's Activities
Committee Co-Chairperson

Kate Cutting


I have four wonderful children Jacob, Zach, Lexi and Lucas. I have my Doctorate in physical therapy and currently am a Director of Rehabilitation. My family is fairly new to the community and always love the programs that the library offers and thought what better way to help support the library and the wonderful programs they offer our children as well as get to know and help our wonderful community then to serve with FLOW!


I am Sheeba Gandhi Saraswathy, Windham resident for 8 years. I am an electrical engineer and live with my husband and two children. I enjoy reading and love the library, any library especially the Windham one with it's friendly librarians . I wanted to give back to the library and decided to volunteer for FLOW and has been the treasurer since 2019.     

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Membership Committee Chairperson


Children's Activities

Committee Co-Chairperson

Tara Gauthier

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Marketing Committee Chairperson

Donna Frazier


First, I am a happy wife and mother of 4 adults and Memaw to a beautiful granddaughter.
Second, I am the proud owner of successful promotional products and virtual assistant business going on 20 years.
I have always had a love of reading and volunteering in community organizations, so being part of FLOW was an easy YES!
I look forward to giving back and helping the dynamic FLOW team create fun, community events in support of the Nesmith Library.

Publicity Committee Chairperson



I fell in love with the public library when I was six years old. There are always new things to discover in the library. When I saw that there was a need at Nesmith Library, I decided to help out. If you are interested in volunteering at Nesmith, please feel free to reach out. 

Book Fair Committee Chairperson

Mary Connelly

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Academic Grants Committee Chairperson


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Webmaster Committee Chairperson


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Strawberry Festival Committee Chairperson

Michelle Stith


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