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F.L.OW. runs on volunteers! 
From our Board to the Strawberry Festival, we're all volunteering our time.  Please consider volunteering!

Since 1966, the Friends of the Library of Windham have depended on hundreds of volunteers that are dedicated to encouraging greater use of the Nesmith Library and its many services.  It is our volunteers that have made the Friends the successful organization that it is today.  The Friends have a lot of fun, while giving back to our wonderful community, and volunteering is a great way to meet people!


The Friends are always growing and are always looking for fellow townspeople to serve on our board and committees.  Our Friends’ Board is made up of a group of enthusiastic members who meet once a month (September thru May) to help plan the Friends’ annual events including the Strawberry Festival and Book Fair!  For more information please email or complete the volunteer form.

F.L.O.W. Officers and Board Member Opportunites




Responsible for overseeing all fellow Officers, Directors, and committee

Vice President

Fills in if the President is unavailable, co-chair of the Strawberry Festival



Takes minutes at the meetings, distributes to members.



Responsible for managing the organization's funds, filing all required tax documents, and creates/tracks annual budget


Board of Directors/Committees


Please volunteer to chair one of these committees or serve on the one.  We welcome all levels of commitments!


Adult Programming

Work with the library to ensure a robust programming for the adults.


Book Fair Coordinators

Responsible for gathering and sorting donated books in preparation for the book fairs.  Book sorters work prior to the fair to make sure the books are of good quality and then group them by reading level, genre, etc.


Children Winter Program

Create a magical winter program for the children in town

Holiday Crafts

Coordinate the volunteer leaders, registration process, and communicates with all parties concerned


Museum Passes

Explore museum/educational opportunities


Keep track of our members, create "value" for members, and find ways to recruit new members.


Maintain our website and create the electronic newsletter



Creates press releases for distribution to both social media and print media



Oversees the scholarship program, solicits applications, review, and score completed applications and essays

Strawberry Festival

Co-chairs and committee members coordinate the annual event

Strawberry Festival Steering Committee and Coordination Opportunities

As we prepare for the 2019 Strawberry Festival and Book Fair, all the positions are currently open.


Festival Chair  

Responsibilities:  Make sure the festival is a success, and we all have fun… and maybe a few other things. 



Responsibilities:  Work with festival chairs to provide all logistical needs of the festival. Set-up contracts for trash/recycling, chair and table rentals.  Work with high school, for all site needs. Speak with Carl, police chief, fire chief, transfer station manager, and town to discuss logistics for the day and rain plan (i.e. traffic, parking, electrical needs etc.) The day of the festival make sure trash is organized and everyone has what they need. You are the main person, along with the chair, responsible for a map of set-up (how many chairs/tables at each tent..etc.).   


Book Fair  

Responsibilities:  Identify logistical needs for pre-sale and festival (# tables, chairs, signage, etc.), recruit volunteers to help sort books prior to the festival, set-up the book fair, advertise to booksellers about pre-sale and fair, and volunteer at the pre-sale and festival. 



Responsibilities:  Recruit volunteers to work shifts for set-up, throughout the day of the festival, and for clean-up.  Create Sign-up Genius website. 


Dunk Tank  

Responsibilities:  Recruit local teachers, coaches, and “celebrities” to dunk at the festival.  



Responsibilities:  Contact all prior entertainment to see if they would like to be involved in the 2016 festival. Send letters confirming the date, time of performance, rain plan for the festival, and where the group can prepare (get dressed, etc.).  Identify logistical needs for each group (# tables, chairs, signage, electrical, etc.). Send out a thank you for being part of the festival to each group.  Contact DJ. 


Face Painting  

Responsibilities:  Make a face painting sign with pictures of what can be chosen for each face painting workstation. Purchase all supplies needed for the day of the festival.  


Food Vendors  

Responsibilities:  Contact all food vendors to see if they would like to participate this year. Identify logistical needs (# tables, chairs, signage, etc.) of each vendor and make sure those needs are met the day of the festival.  


Food/Drink Donations  

Responsibilities:  Organize all food and drink donations (i.e. whip cream, hotdog and hamburger buns, hotdogs and hamburgers, cheese, biscuit mix, chips, etc.).  Purchase other food items such as strawberries, etc. Through donations or purchases, provide enough drinks (sodas, waters, and juice boxes) to sell the day of the festival, and ensure enough ice is premade at WHS to keep them cool. On the day of the festival, organize the drink stations and make sure they are stocked throughout the day. 



Responsibilities:  Recruit “Celebrity Chefs” to cover grilling responsibilities throughout the day.  Identify logistical needs (assist in placement of grills, # tables, chairs, etc.). 



Responsibilities:  Recruit volunteers needed to man the shortcake area the day of the festival & bakers and strawberry slicers for shortcakes. Organize drop-off and pick-up of biscuit mix and strawberries, with directions on what to do.  Suggest the best layout for shortcake area. Identify logistical needs (# tables, chairs, ice cream scoops, etc.). Manage the shortcake area set-up, festival time, and clean up the day of the festival.  



Responsibilities:  Work with game rental company to negotiate the best price for equipment & services to be rented. Suggest the best layout for games area. Identify logistical needs (# tables, chairs, signage, electrical, etc.).   Purchase game bracelets.  Introduce new ‘carnival games’?  Purchase game prizes. 



Responsibilities:  Run the membership booth at the festival and try to be creative in thinking about recruiting new members (i.e. Red Sox Tickets).  Be present at Book Fair pre-sale to sign up new members and check on membership status. 



Responsibilities:  Work with co-chairs on the festival poster. Print and distribute all advertising associated with festival, including posters, flyers, press releases, etc. Update & make sure large road signs and banners are out two weeks prior to festival. Organize a photo-op prior to the festival for all local newspapers, and invite all local publicity to the festival. At the festival greet the journalists and make sure they have everything they need to write-up a great article. Take pictures of the work we do prior to the festival, as well as festival pictures.  Run the design contest – advertise, organize voting, contact winner for a photo op, and display entries/winner at festival. 



Responsibilities:  Ask businesses and people for raffle donations.  Organize donations for the day of the festival – create and name baskets.  Distribute to raffle winners.   


Sand Art

Responsibilities:  Purchase all supplies needed for the day of the festival and set-up sand art table the day of the festival. 


Balloon Animals  

Responsibilities:  Purchase all supplies needed for the day of the festival and set-up balloon animals’ table the day of the festival. 



Responsibilities:  Send letters to all sponsors from previous year asking if they would like to sponsor again, for the same amount, and thanking them for their past generosity. Include a stamped, addressed envelope to return the sponsorship in. Personally contact all sponsors who donated $1,000 or more and follow-up with a letter. Recruit new sponsors. 



Responsibilities:  Organize cash boxes for Book Fair Presale and Festival, provide cash pickups at the festival, track all expenses and income, report earnings after the festival, and make sure all proceeds are deposited at the bank. 

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​April showers bring May flowers and those May flowers mean strawberries are not far behind. Even before the rains of April arrived, the Friends of the Library of Windham were actively planning this June's Strawberry Festival and Book Fair. This year, the Festival is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st at Windham High School. This annual community event would not be possible without the time and talents of Windham's citizens. F.L.O.W. needs volunteers to help on numerous fronts - bake biscuits, cut strawberries, paint childrens' faces, help with games, and make dreams come true. Each year hundreds of individuals from our community make the Strawberry Festival possible for the thousands that attend. Volunteers can help in advance of the Festival or on the day of the Festival. No contribution of your time or talent is too small, and we have roles for citizens of all ages! For students, volunteering is a great way to complete your community service hour requirements. To volunteer or for more information, please visit to learn more about the Festival!

Join F.L.O.W. to enjoy all the benefits of being a member

Please volunteer your time.  A great way to get involved with the community!

Contact us with any comments, ideas...





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