Volunteer Awards


The Friends of the Library of Windham (F.L.O.W.) recognized two outstanding volunteers at their annual banquet on March 23, 2017. Each year, the Friends gather to thank current Board Members for their commitment to, and support for, the Nesmith Library. The event is also an opportunity to celebrate successes and recognize those volunteers who make exceptional contributions to our community. Those honored for their service to the Nesmith Library, F.L.O.W., and the Windham Community included Michelle Stith and Amy Hayes. Friends' President, Jennifer Fricchione honored the award recipients who were given plaques, flowers and words of gratitude.


The Carl Heidenblad, Murray Levin, Patricia Skinner Award was created in 1992 and honors an individual who is not necessarily a F.L.O.W. Board member, but who has given tremendous support and/or performed many services for the Nesmith Library and the Windham community. This year, the award was given to Michelle Stith. Michelle has been volunteering with F.L.O.W. and the Strawberry Festival for at least the past ten years and is now a library trustee. As Amanda Laws said it best, “They say it takes a tribe to raise children these days, and Michelle is a big part of many tribes in Windham. She shuttles her children and others to soccer, gymnastics, softball, basketball, library activities, and school dances. If something in town needs to get done. Michelle will more than likely be there to help.”

The Marjorie Carter Award, established in 1977, recognizes a F.L.O.W. member who has put forth a diligent effort on behalf of the Friends and has shown an outstanding commitment to the Library and its community. This year, the Marjorie Carter Award was presented to Amy Hayes. Amy was a dedicated volunteer for F.L.O.W. for the past four years. She took on chairing the book fairs and was extremely dedicated and organized. She worked tirelessly hauling books to the attic, sorting, and preparing for the book fairs, making it look effortless. When Amy isn’t volunteering her time, or working, your best bet would be to find her at one of her son’s sporting events, band concerts, volunteering at a classroom party or event, or spending time with family and friends.


The Friends of the Library of Windham is honored to have so many committed and wonderful volunteers to support our library and community.


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