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A big thank you to Coco, Early and Associates for donating $100 to the Friends of the Library of Windham during their Coco Cares/Season of Giving Campaign.  F.L.O.W. was selected as the non-profit organization of the week in December. All donations to the Friends of the Library of Windham are used to enhance Nesmith Library programs as well as support renovations and enhancements to the town library. F.L.O.W. also sponsors the Strawberry Festival, the town of Windham's largest community event.  In addition, F.L.O.W. offers scholarships to young adults in the community and raises money to support museum passes, visits from authors and other needs at our town's library and schools.

F.L.O.W. Donates Two Nooks for Kids to the Nesmith Library

   The Friends of the Library of Windham (F.L.O.W.), recently donated two Nook HDs to the Nesmith Library geared towards children. Each of the Nooks is pre-loaded with many eBook titles, audio books and dozens of free apps and shortcuts to websites. Many of these books and apps are similar to ones used by the children in the Windham school system. The Nooks are available for a 14-day loan period, and holds can be placed on the Nooks if it is checked out to another patron.  Children under 18 must have a parent check out the Nook for them.


We hope that the Nooks will encourage children to read and gain familiarity with new technologies, as well as encourage our next generation of Library patrons to use Library resources. 


For more information, please call the Library at 603-432-7154.   

 F.L.O.W. Purchases New Power Doors for Nesmith Library

The Friends of the Library purchased power-assisted door openers for the main entrance to the library. These have been greatly appreciated by parents with carriages and strollers, wheelchair bound library customers, individuals with walkers, and customers with bags of books. It’s a great convenience for many and a long needed necessity for others.


Library Director, Carl Heidenblad shared, “We love those doors…so many different people have benefited from them.”  When asked about the specific design that was chosen, Carl explained, “We wanted to preserve the look of the entrance and that limited us with the choice…I think the design chosen preserves the look and history.”


 Lastly, Carl said, “FLOW deserves a lot of thanks; I think we got the best of all possible worlds.”


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