We're accepting online orders now through
Saturday,  November 27th

Pick-up available for take home crafts beginning on Monday, Nov 29th.

Take Home & In-Person Crafts Available


In-Person Workshops: 

Nov 29th - Dec 2nd

Drop-In between 4-6pm

Step 1: Choose your craft below/pay

Step 2: Register for your craft and choose a time slot to avoid delays due to max capacity restrictions:

Registration is strongly recommended (Click here) 

Take Home Crafts:

Order now through Saturday Nov 27th

Pick up Available at the Nesmith Library beginning on Monday, Nov 29th

Below are the crafts available for purchase.  All proceeds benefit FLOW and the Nesmith Library.  

Winter Crafts Workshop


Need more information?
Contact Kate Cutting or Tara Gauthier at childrensactivities@flowwindham.org

 In-Person Winter Crafts