June 2018


35th Annual




35th Annual Strawberry Festival & Book Fair

Design Contest Winner


F.L.O.W. is proud to announce the winner of the 2018 Strawberry Festival design contest. Congratulations Julien Thamer! Thank you to all that submit pictures and be sure to look for them at the high school during the Festival.

Thank you to all those who volunteered for the Strawberry Festival and Book Fair

Did you know that it takes  9 months of planning and over 300 volunteers to put on the event?

  • 72 to cut the strawberries and bake the biscuits

  • 183 to set-up, run, and clean-up the festival

  • 69  for the Book Fair


Thank you to all of our committee chairs!

  • Mark Lucas - Festival Chair/Logistics/Sponsorship

  • Skot  Pare' - Festival Chair/Logistics/Sponsorship

  • Jennifer Fricchione - Logistics/Entertainment

  • Patrick Lord - Book Fair 

  • Caitlin Blundell - Treasurer/Sponsorships

  • Chris & Lindsay Baker - Grills

  • Gina and Bob Vega - Membership

  • Rachel Deandrea - Food Donations

  • Rachel Deandrea - Publicity

  • Michelle Stith - Shortcakes

  • Jaimie Baker and Kristine Ord Giarrusso - Raffles

  • Marie Bozzi - Sand Art 

  • Kerstin Doloph - Face Painting

  • Rachel Deandrea - Food Vendors

  • Bridget Calder - Volunteers

  • Michelle Tieman - Balloon Artist

  • Jennifer Fricchione - Entertainment

  • Shannon Ulery - Dunk Tank Organizer

Thank you to all who volunteered!

Aidan Callery

Alan Yankowski

Alberto Chang

Aletha Pierson

Alicia Cable

Allison O'Connor

Aly Barnes

Alyssa Gehlmann

Amanda Bozzi

Amanda Pirani

Andrea Van Seters

Andrew Abirached

Andrew Ardolino

Ashleigh Gagnon

Autumn Holderman

Ava Ferrante

Barbara Nagle

Betty Dunn

Bia Menegon

Bob Coole 

Bradley Valo

Briana Curran

Bridget Calder

Caden White

Caitlin Blundell    

Caitlin Higgins

Carl Heidenblad

Caroline Leblanc

Casie Doe

Cathy Duve

Cathy Souter

Charlie McMahon

Chase Moreau

Chris Vanhirtum

Christopher Baker

Christy Donahue

Christy Donahue (Mom)

Cindy Jutras

Colin Dowie

Conor Leland

Cynthia Bushell

Deb Livingstone

Dennis Blanco

Dennis Senibaldi

Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr

Doug Stahlheber

Elaine Rittenhouse

Elaine Rittenhouse

Elizabeth Ross

Elyse Thornton

Emma O'Brien

Eric Deandrea

Erin Murphy

Evan Lebsack


Francesca Schipelliti

Galen Sterns

Gina Vega

Hailey Mcphail

Hanh Nguyen

Hannah O'Brien

Holly Hollingshead

Isabelle Schena

Jack Adamske

Jackson Stewart

Jacob Spalinger

Jaden Petroules

Jaimie Baker

Jake Spalinger

Jane Manning

Jane McCue

Jay Gratton

Jay Moltenbrey

Jeff Draper

Jeffrey Andon

Jen Fricchione

Jen Pancoast

Jennifer Simmons 

Jerry Rufo 

Jessica Thrower

Jillian Oconnor

Jo-Ann Houde

John Tommasi

Joshua Toubia

Joyce Wilt

Judy Newcomb

Julia Stuckart

Julia Vinci

Kaelin Gschwend

Kailee Chhun

Karen Frey

Karen Moltenbrey

Katharine Gage

Kathy Ivey

Katie Hawkins

Katie Spath

Kayla Antonucci

Keleigh McAllister

Kellen Donahue (Boy Scout)

Kelley Gage

Kerstin Dolph

Kim Freccero

Kimber & Katie

Kimber Leuteritz

Kristine Ord Giarrusso

Kyle Gschwend

Landon Neal

Laura Cousens

Laura Montgomery

Laura Sandman

Liam Fitzpatrick

Lilja Sehulster

Lindsay Baker

Lindsey Brayer

Lisa Dolloph

Lisa Thornton

Liv Thrower

Lois Freeston

Madison Faulkingham

Marc Tausanovitch

Maria Schroeter

Mark Branoff

Mark Lucas

Mary Griffin  

Mary Johnson

Maureen Kingsley

Mckenna Deveau

Meagan Wilcox 

Michael Miloro

Michael Wimmer

Michael Wong

Michelle Stith

Michelle Tieman

Montserrat Turriza

Nancy Vigezzi

Neelima Gogumalla

Nick Wrampe

Nolan Paquette

Olivia Mccarter

Paige DeVries

Patrick Lord

Paul Picciano

Paul Wrampe

Peter Bozzi

Peter Griffin 

Peter Yankowski

Phil Mothon

Rachel Deandra

Rebecca Walters

Rene Holderman

Riley Bermingham

Rob Breton 

Robert Vega

Robson Gomes

Roger Hohenberger

Rory O'Connor

Sam Henry

Samantha Van Seters

Sarah Williams

Sean Millard

Shanni Zhou

Shannon Ulery

Shelby Neal

Siera Cable

Skot Pare


Stacie Perlman

Stephen Sierpina

Steve Pierson

Susan Mothon

Sydney Pesaturo

Sylvie Brikiatis

Taryn Livingstone

Tia Abirached

Tommy Picciano

Tony Martin

Trey Gonzalez

Zach Harper

... and all the other people who chipped in!

Thank you to all the business that donated to the baskets!

Klemm's Bakery


Lobster Tail

Mel’s Funway Park


Old School

Palace Theater

Pat's Peak

Polar Caves Park

Professional Martial Arts

Santa's Village

Seacoast Science Center

Sensationally Sweet Bakery

Southwick’s Zoo

Story Land


Vertical Dreams

Windham Co-Op

Windham Junction

Windham Mobil


You're Fired

Zorvino Vineyards


33 Hilltop

A Simply Wholesome Life

Advantage Wealth Solutions

Anytime Fitness

Black Moose

Boston Duck Tours

Brookstone Golf and Driving Range

Canobie Lake

Children's Museum NH

Chunky's Pelham

Copper Door


Cyr Lumber

Dahlia Rizk

Dance Connection

Dance Impressions

Divine Interventions


Golden Crane

Granite State Ballroom

Jay Gee's

Kahlil Dentists

Karate International

Kellie at Revive Salon

Kendall Pond Pizza


Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Strawberry Level
Seedling Level

Launch of Metheun

Leaps and Bounds Travel

Michael Carpenito Construction

One Source Environmental

Silverwatch Architects

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